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ShiftStars Courses

Concept Partnering & At-Will Employment

60 minutes 

At-will employment is a doctrine of American law that defines and governs the employer/employee relationship. Team members will be introduced to the definition of “at-will” employment and will gain an understanding of its mutually beneficial importance to both employee and employer. The course also explains restaurant-concept partnering and how to properly assess and complete W-2, W-4, and I-9 forms.

Guest Service: Exceeding the Expectation of Excellence

60 minutes

Much of a restaurant guest’s experience is based on perception and expectation. In this course, team members will learn the importance of “guest reading” and how to match the guest’s verbal and non-verbal clues to various service models. This information is then paired with advanced guest-service techniques and language which will collectively create an over-the-top guest experience.

Maximizing Sales: Personalizing the 10-Step Method

60 minutes

The 10-Step Service Method is a vital tool in driving restaurant sales. Students will learn how to personalize the 10-Step Service Method through such things as personality infusion, pacing, guest reading, guest bonding, energetic advertising, and “soft sales opportunity” mining. This course is an exceptional tool for building sales and offers team members an undeniable path to increasing their earning potential as well as offering the guest outstanding service!

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

120 minutes

This course is essential for all restaurant team members. It is also a great tool for restaurant operators looking to reduce the risk of sexual harassment lawsuits. Team members will receive an in-depth look at what sexual harassment is, how and why the sexual harassment laws were created, and if they may be the victim of sexual harassment or unknowingly may be the actual harasser. Team members will acquire knowledge about terms such as “quid pro quo,” “joke parameters,” and “same sex harassment”.

Wine & Spirits: Responsible Service & Advanced Education

60 minutes

Individuals taking this course will gain an understanding of the safe and responsible way to serve, or not to serve, alcohol to a guest. Team members will also learn how to maximize the guest experience as the course covers topics such as grape varietals, region-specific tasting profiles, and classic food-and-wine pairings. Individuals will also learn where classic spirits are produced and will learn about popular cocktails from around the world which are classic-spirit based.

Workplace Safety & Health

60 minutes

Taking a strategic approach to workplace safety will not only help make the workplace safer for employees, it will also result in operational and cost benefits for the business. As a result, workers’ compensation costs will decrease, fewer overtime costs or economic sanctions will accrue, productivity will increase, and improvements will be made in regulatory compliance, employee retention, and employee/management relations. Topics such as food-borne illness, cross contamination, and post-shift safety measures are just a few of the many topics discussed in this comprehensive course.