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Shiftstars is an intelligent cloud-based learning platform created specifically with the next generation of Hospitality workers in mind. Our best in class interactive course-ware not only renders a profound educative experience in areas such as Workplace Sexual Harassment, Inner-Unit Safety & Health, and At-Will Employment, our unique platform also gives hiring managers and concept owners a true snapshot of the talent's "hospitality intelligence" in real time, allowing for hiring peace of mind. To make your business better today, give us a call or drop us a note to schedule your personalized demonstration. You'll be glad you did. 


The very best way to think of Shiftstars is as an independent training partner to both your potential newly hired employee, and to the business itself. The very best way to utilize the Shiftstars platform is to simply mandate that all persons seeking employment with your business/concept first become Certified through Shiftstars as an extension to the job “application” process.

By mandating pre-hire, Shiftstar Certification as a component of the job application process, you are accomplishing many things at once:

1) Because of the data accumulated through the scoring metrics within the mandated online education your potential employees are now required to take, Shiftstars is able to provide the employer a very precise look into the true character and depth of knowledge of the potential employee through their own unique electronic fingerprint established while taking the Shiftstars online courses.

2) The business entity itself is immediately further insulated against a potential employee initiated lawsuit in the areas of Sexual Harassment and/or Wrongful Termination simply through an irrefutable electronic proof of the candidate’s knowledge of the [laws] regarding the critical subject matters, as an example, of Sexual Harassment and At-Will Employment. Unlike a simple signature executed within an Employee Handbook, the Shiftstars learning software captures all of the interactive exercises performed by the “applying” employee, up to the hundredth of a second, and system time-stamps these activities. What’s most important to understand here is that for the first time, the hospitality educative experience is not only one-dimensional (employer to employee), but now the potential employee must actually demonstrate a working knowledge of important compliance subject matter. This is crucial when understanding the genesis of Sexual Harassment lawsuits are often validated through the absence of an Employer’s ability to “Prove” what the “applying” candidate even understood about Sexual harassment. And by the Employer now having the ability to refute and example the applying candidate’s true depth of knowledge of subject matter, the case becomes much more difficult to prove.

3) By simply transferring a segment of the costs of compliance trainings, which the business entity will burden eventually, post talent hire, the business entity can now realize a bottom-line training cost savings through the use of Shiftstars Certification as an extension of the “application” process.

First and foremost, Shiftstars is an affiliated and recognized, Certifying member of CHRIE (Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education). Our courses are continually created by longstanding, dedicated hospitality professionals with more than 100 years of combined, hands on industry experience. Once Shiftstars courses are written, and edited, they are then vetted by a legal team to insure content is compliant with Federal and State Statutes, and meets the training requirements mandated by State and Federal laws. The courses are then media-matched for visual presentation, and finally recorded in a sound-booth for auditory recording as one of the three learning modes found in the Shiftstars courses: Kinesthetic, Photographic, and Auditory.

While Shiftstars is certainly open to creating customized learning content for a particular brand/concept, this is certainly not in alignment with our core competency, which is to advance pre-hire Certification in a transformative way, which protects business owners, educates the hiring candidate, and ultimately enriches the student’s life/work experience in such a way that begins to diminish employee/employer ligation, while significantly impacting the litigious hospitality culture which continues to exist in the hospitality industry. 

The Shiftstars onboarding process actually can be completed in the space of about 15 minutes for an organization. Most of that time is attributed to collecting and inputting the name of the business, who will take which courses during pre-hire due diligence, and who gets permission to see the data created from the results of those trainings.

Other than needing a first and last name, and an email address for the student, Shiftstars does not collect, sell, nor require any other information; and we will never ask for anything other than those three items. Cell phone number is optional, but it is not required. 


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